The reputation of our practice is established through a collaborative and disciplined process that aspires to intellectually, architecturally, and socially coherent conclusions. We believe our intentions should be conceptually clear, structurally sound, useful, beautiful and free of ephemeral conceits. We further aspire to designs that minimize impact on our environment and resources by being judicious, conscientious and useful for as long as possible. Finally, we propose that beauty is an outcome of a generous dialog between imagination and necessity.


Our ideas and production have been consistently recognized through professional awards, monograph publications and press articles. Prominent in this category is the Wyly Theatre which was awarded the 2011 AIA National Honor Award in Architecture, the 2011 American Institute of Steel Construction National Honor Award and the 2010 ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award. In addition to professional review in design publications such as Abitare, El Croquis and Interior Design, our work has received popular media mention in The New York Times, The Financial Times and the The Los Angeles Times.